My experience

I’ve been working on web applications for the past three years, one of those as a freelancer. In these past years, I’ve been fully or mostly in charge of the design, development, and delivery of these projects. This has given me plenty of experience on the full web stack.

Though I’m comfortable enough with the full stack to consider myself a full stack developer, I have the most experience on the frontend, especially with Vue.js. I’ve built projects using Vue, React, Angular, and even jQuery, and have found Vue to be my favorite.

See my portfolio for details.

My skill set


I have three years of professional experience with JavaScript libraries and frameworks. I use a variety of different ones depending on the project and keep up to date with the latest trends in web development as it evolves.

JS packages I use the most:


I created a web API using Flask. It facilitated a Socket.IO connection with a Vue app and was the middleman between Vue and a chatbot AI built with Rasa.


I’ve experimented enough with Go to be decently comfortable with the syntax, but have not yet had the opportunity to use it in a deployed project. I would love to use it more, though.


I’ve built a couple of web APIs using ASP.NET Core that communicated with MongoDB and MySQL/MariaDB databases.


I haven’t yet had the opportunity to deploy Docker containers at scale. I typically use Docker to quickly spin up a database for local development or anytime I want to run a program in isolation.


Git is the only source control management software I’ve used, as it was the most popular one when I started developing professionally. I prefer using Git via command line.


I have over 5 years of experience working with Linux. When I built my first computer in 2014, I didn’t want to spend another $100 on a Windows 10 license, since that money could be used for better hardware. This is where I first exposed myself to Linux. I started with Debian-based distros (Zorin, Ubuntu, and Mint) but have since moved on to Arch Linux and Arch-based distros (Antergos, Manjaro).


I’ve only used Java in an academic setting. Though I have experimented with Spring, the Java web framework, I always choose to use Node.js or Go instead, when given the choice. If I ever work on a project with Spring, I’m sure my experience with backend development in other languages would be useful.